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Your Dealer Website: http://www.wonderfax.com/08718132122
Your fax number is: 08718132122


Picture Emails:
You can email this picture to everyone you know. Simply save it and add your website link
before you send it by email.
www.wonderfax.com free fax to email delivery

Plain Text Emails:

Copy the email into your outlook and send. Test the email by sending it to yourself and ensuring that the links in the email go to your website.

Text Email 1:

Text Email 2:


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HTML Emails:

How to copy the email to your Outlook for sending:  Click anywhere inside the selected email preview box.  Then highlight the email (by pressing the ctrl + A keys simultaneously).  COPY the highlighted email (right click and choose copy in the drop down menu).  PASTE the email into your email for sending. 

Make sure you do not copy this entire page, only the email preview must be highlighted. Ensure your email is set as HTML and not plain text.  Test the email by sending it to yourself and ensuring that the links in the email goes to your website.
Alternative Method:
Open the email in a new window(click the link above the email). Use your browser menu (such as Internet Explorer) to send the page by email.   This option is usually available on the page menu of your browser. Ensure that you select "send PAGE by email" and not "send link by email"!

  HTML Email Preview 1:                                                                           (Click here to open the email in new page)

   HTML Email Preview 2:                                                                           (Click here to open the email in new page)


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