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   Business Opportunity FAQ's  




What are the tax implications for the future commissions earned?
You have to comply with the tax laws where you reside, consult your tax advisor to clarify the situation.

What if the passive income becomes significant, is it possible to transfer the number or change it to a more efficient entity for tax purposes?
You may transfer the number, just let us know in writing at admin@WonderFax.com

Why is a MLM structure used, surely it will be simpler just to pay out the commissions to the seller of the services?
One only has to recruit a few hundred users to earn £ 12,000 per month via our MLM structure, however, in order to earn the same via a Direct sales structure one would have to recruit 363,636 fax users

What about the pyramid nature of MLM, surely very few people and only those at the top will make any money?
    We envisage that 80 to 90% of the Wonder Free Fax to Email users will be Users only and not participate in the business opportunity.  Besides, being on top is irrelevant. What gives one an advantage is being first in and your results will be directly proportional to your input!

What is the difference between MLM and Network Marketing?
Nothing, both pay commissions to multiple levels and rely on a network

Is this legal?
Yes, the service is free and it is free to join, all revenue is generated when the service is used and no money is paid out for signing on Agents (people).

How big is the market in the UK?
Based upon statistics in other countries the Free Fax to Email users should reach 10 to 12 Million users in 3 to 5 years.

What is the current status in the UK?
The market is still in its infancy with only a few hundred thousand users.

How much revenue is derived from each user?
Based upon statistics in other countries, the average revenue generated by Free Fax to Email users is about 59 pence per month.

What about other countries, can we avail ourselves to those opportunities as well?
Yes, as new territories are opened we will notify you of the opportunity and duplicate the structure in each country - as and when it is feasible.

What are the best market segments to target?
Small to Medium sized enterprises generate more revenue than individuals and large Corporations.

Who are the best people to target for the business opportunity?
Anyone with large User or membership bases. Cooperatives; ISP's; or entities in allied industries! Also any Entrepreneur that understands or has experience in MLM will recognise this opportunity.

What happens if people I recruit do not use their fax number?
If any Agent does not receive 6 faxes in 180 days they will be removed from the network and any users above will all move up a level and the network would effectively compress.  This ensures that eventually everyone in your network will use the service.

Can I just use the product and sign on for the Business Opportunity later once I am happy with the product and can see the potential earnings?
Yes, you may do that, just make sure that you do use the product and do not waste the opportunity of being in an established network.

What are the benefits of being in an established network?
There are huge benefits because you are supported by all the Agents that precede you and as it is a fixed network, you will automatically have new users being added to your network - whether you are an Agent or not. 

How do I get paid?
You need to supply us with a UK bank account and your account will automatically be credited.

What happens if I reside in another country?
The easiest way to receive your commissions would be to open a PayPal account which you can use or transfer funds from. Go to http://www.paypal.com

When do I get paid?
You will get paid 60 days in arrears, or when Fax2Email receive their money.

Are there minimum qualifications for getting paid?
You will have to do the following:
Ensure that your Fax number is used and receive a minimum of 15 faxes every 90 days.
You have to recruit at least 5 agents to participate in the Business Opportunity.


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