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Benefits of free fax to email:
  There are many benefits to receiving your faxes by email including saving the environment, to complete mobility and lowering costs.  
Top 11 reasons for changing:
  1. Easy and fast to use
  2. Much cheaper: no fax line, no machine
  3. Better accessibility, storage and filing
  4. Mobile:  laptop, cell phone, PC or any internet access point
  5. Direct to PC:  increased security and privacy
  6. Scalable: get a fax number for every employee or email
  7. Better quality faxes
  8. Never engaged: receive faxes simultaneously on one number
  9. Environmentally friendly: saves paper and therefore trees
  10. One number for life, even when you move
  11. Better notification:  "Fax received!"
Benefits: WonderFax Conventional
Free   Very Expensive  
Direct to PC/ Laptop  
Direct to mobile phone    Some 
Read Online    Some 
Fax Archiving  14 days  
Never Engaged  UNLIMITED Some 
No Fax lines needed UNLIMITED Very Expensive  
Keep number for life     
Auto Filing   
No Setup costs  

Very Expensive 

No Hardware Needed Very Expensive 
No Software Needed Very Expensive 
Quality Fax (High Resolution)    Some 
Email Delivery Notification   
No Technical Staff required Expensive 
Environmentally Friendly
No Maintenance Costs Very Expensive 
Forward via email  Some 

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