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  WonderFax, the easy way to receive faxes.  No matter how big or how small your organisation is, WonderFax allows everybody to receive faxes on their email... and it's completely free.  From corporates to one man bands, our free fax numbers are used by everyone because it is so easy to setup and use.

- No lost faxes or waiting in queues,
- No fax machine or fax line needed
- No software or setup required

WonderFax makes it easy,  you can receive your faxes anywhere, no matter where you are in the world, or where you're going, get faxes directly via your email.  It replaces your old fax number and fax line. Every employee should have one. 

Getting Started:
First, signup for your free fax number. It takes only two minutes. Get one for your work or home and increase your privacy. Once you have  received your number, you can activate it by receiving three faxes in five days, it's that simple!

Then distribute your fax number to everyone, because anyone can send you a fax from within the UK. After receiving your fax, WonderFax converts it into a PDF attachment, and sends it straight to your email. You can read or print it on any compatible device like, your mobile phone, your laptop, or your webmail account. Want to see faxes you received days ago? Login online and view your 14 day fax archive from any internet access point.

Receiving faxes digitally, saves time, saves paper and trees, and saves ink. So, do your part for the environment; stop faxing by machine and start faxing by email. WonderFax is the easiest way to receive faxes.

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